Lets All Take A Ride On The Roflcopter With Sarah Palin

Gawker, in their admirable pursuit to bring down Sarah Palin every way they can, has pointed out that she of the conservative rally cry and nonsensical gobbledegook has been caught with notes on her hand at the much-hyped Tea Party convention this past week in Nashville, Tennessee. This comes after she, in typical Palin fashion, took a nasty side swipe at Obama, referring to him as a “charismatic guy with a teleprompter.” Of course, she names no names in her jab, making it that signature political kind of put down, which combines a lack of direct accusation with obvious insinuation.

And what words of wisdom does the cheat sheet on Palin’s hand say:


–Budget (Cut?)


–Lift American Spirits

I am as against Sarah Palin as anyone, but I still find it hard to believe she actually had the gall to do this. Instead I think she is trying to send the American people a secret communication. If we carefully rearrange the letters on her hand…ah yes, there it is… “American people, I am still in way over my head, how the hell am I still pulling this shit off?”

Check out the video below, I love when she peeks at her hand. Check the 23-24 second mark.


I mean really? Really? You make “major policy announcements” on your Facebook status page and now this? What are you? 13?

Enough is enough. Go. Away. Now. Leave the big thinkin’ to people who are more than empty suits and trained parakeets.


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