You know, back in the day there was a name for this kind of person. We called them “Grifters”.

It seems like it has been years since Sarah Palin stepped down as Governor of Alaska to NOT be governor/to NOT “run for office”/to NOT make much of any sense when she talked and be a fund-raising machine for GOP candidates in need of a boost. She was, pardon the pun, going to be a “Godsend” of sorts.

And man o’ man, raise money she sure as shit has. For herself at least.

This past February it was revealed that in those first 6 months out of office and on the fund-raising trail her own Political Action Committee (PAC) raised a few million dollars and managed to dole out a meager $43k to Republicans seeking office. She did, however, to spend $47,777 on copies of her own book “Going Rogue” that they then turned around and gave out to their largest donors.

So let me see if I have this. She spends politically donated money on her book (putting money into her pocket) and then turns around and gives out copies of the book to people she plans on hitting up again for money in the future where she will no doubt purchase more copies of her own book (putting more money into her own pocket) to hand out to more donors?

Where I come from that sounds like “money laundering”, but we won’t dwell on it. She was called out on it, she plead ignorance and just kept on yammering on. More importantly she hasn’t made ANY attempt to change her charlatan ways.

Last week the Federal Election Commission released the latest batch of filings made by her PAC and the expenditures are equally laughable. In the first quarter of 2010 her PAC brought in $409,760. Of that she spent $9,500 on Republican candidates running for office (or 2.3%) while at the same time she spent $16,000 on lavish hotel rooms and $14,000 to de-ice her private plane as she sped around the country making her $100k speaking engagements.

What’s more, there is no evidence that Palin has kept her promise to donate money she earned from a Tea Party convention in Feb. Amid controversies surrounding the National Tea Party Convention, held in Nashville, Palin said she would donate her $100K speaking fee to campaigns, candidates and issues.

Palin did not contribute any money to her PAC, according to FEC filings.

So what we have here is a woman that is patently unqualified to run for President, a failure as a Governor that left office amidst multiple ethics investigations, a veritable “talking parrot” for conservative talk-show types running around the country raising money by the fist load yet not passing that money on to the candidates that the donors are in full support of.

It’s amazing that Republicans aren’t as sick of her as I am.


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