Anddddd, there off & runnin’…

If there’s one thing Republicans are good at, it’s the good old-fashioned shock-and-awe approach. This one has  jaws dropping.

Pat Bertroche, a GOP congressional candidate in Iowa’s Third District, has a unique approach to the nation’s illegal immigration policy. It’s kind of like how we catch, tag, and release wild animals for monitoring. Only this is for humans.

Bertroche says he wants to round up illegal immigrants and stick a microchip in them. He says it works great when his dog gets away, so why wouldn’t it work on Mexicans?

Check out his quotes in the Cedar Rapids Gazette:

“I think we should catch ’em, we should document ’em, make sure we know where they are and where they are going. I actually support micro-chipping them. I can micro-chip my dog so I can find it. Why can’t I micro-chip an illegal? That’s not a popular thing to say, but it’s a lot cheaper than building a fence they can tunnel under.”

This one came on the heels of U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) stating that he is in favor of deporting American-born children of illegal immigrant parents. The fact that those children are legal citizens, as clearly defined by the 14th Amendment to our Constitution, doesn’t phase the right-wing Hunter in the least. Why? Because he says those children don’t have the requisite American ’souls.”

Let me say that again.  They don’t have “American souls”.  Hmm, their souls? What does that mean? Are children of undocumented immigrants not truly human in Hunter’s warped view?  I swear to God Californians, you re-elect this moron and I will ask God top drop your sorry ass state into the Pacific every damn day until I die.

We shouldn’t be surprised though, this is the same douche that claimed that once you allow gays to serve openly, the military would be opened up “to transgenders, to hermaphrodites.” The “military is going to let everybody in,” declared Hunter.

When politically charged issues like immigration reform come to the forefront, the nativists come out of the closet to stoke racial divisiveness. And the harsh Arizona “show me your papers” law seems to have done just that.

The proverbial nutjobs are coming out of the woodworks at an alarming rate.  And where is the almighty, god-fearing, Constitution loving Tea Party in all of this?

It’s rather odd that tea party members screech about protecting the constitution, except when they don’t agree with parts of it, such as the 14th Amendment, which clearly states: those “born … in the United States” are “citizens of the United States.”

Kind of makes one wonder if they really do love the thing as much as they claim.


4 thoughts on “Anddddd, there off & runnin’…

  1. Most people in America aren’t against immigration; they’re just against illegal immigration. For example, like most of our ancestors, my mother’s parents were immigrants. They came through Ellis Island and followed the various legal steps required in order to establish themselves as true citizens of this country. The immigrants crossing the Mexican border, however, have absolutely no interest in following these legal protocols. Once they cross the border, they change their names and/or purchase social security numbers in an effort to conceal their true identities from the law. It is not uncommon for an illegal immigrant to purchase not one, but two or more social security numbers, just in case one is flagged. I have witnessed this crime with my own eyes. (One day, a supposedly legal immigrant was asked to give their social security card to a receptionist for a job application and an interview. When the receptionist happened to ask to see the card a second time, the immigrant mistakenly handed over a different social security card with the same name on it, but with a completely different set of numbers…)

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against Hispanics. I have many Hispanic friends, but they either have green cards to work in the United States or have become legal citizens. They decided to follow the rule of law and work within the boundaries of our legal system. Unfortunately, many immigrants do not, and it is those particular individuals that we are most concerned about.

    Now it seems that those who sympathize with illegal immigrants wish to hijack the discussion of reform by attacking the law recently imposed by the State of Arizona through protests and boycotts; a state mind you, that has been besieged with crime, drugs and an ever-increasing population of illegal immigrants. Don’t allow them this option. Speak out and take action. This is your country… fight for it.

    In closing, I consider myself to be a bleeding-heart liberal: a Democrat. My ancestor, Roger Williams – the founder of Rhode Island and founder of the First Baptist Church in America, was one too; regarding the acceptance of different nationalities, cultures and religions as the vitality and lifeblood of any country. Nevertheless, I think that he would agree with me; that immigrants wishing to become legal citizens have not only the obligation, but the civil and legal responsibility to follow the rules of law established by any country in which they wish to become authentic citizens, just as our ancestors – both yours and mine – struggled so arduously and righteously to achieve.

    • I agree on pretty much everything you pointed out. Just don’t see this incredibly flawed piece of legislation as an answer. I rarely have anything kind to say about our last President, but his plan was a more balanced approach. Better border security, some form of amnesty (possibly tie it to employment), and a variety of things. Not just “round up anyone brown”. And make no mistake, that is what this particular piece is at it’s heart. A real effective way to handle the problem has to come from more sensible people. Pearce, Bertroche, Hunter et al are nothing more than fear mongering biggots, any “solutions” they present show this to be true. Hopefully, this all kick starts a serious national dialogue on the issue and leads to more practical solutions. As for the state of Arizona, they need to embrace their hypocrisy. They have fostered an economic climate over the last decade that has relied heavily upon migrant workers, taking large scale numbers of jobs from neighboring states in the process. Now they cry foul and look for sympathy. They have culpability in this.

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