Catholic school rejects boy because he has two mommies…

A preschooler is caught in the middle of a fight between religion and sexuality. St. Paul Elementary School, in Hingham, has refused to readmit a preschooler because the child has two moms. His parents are lesbians.

The Family Equality Council, a rights group for gay and lesbian families, is calling the exclusion of a student from a Hingham Catholic school because his parents are lesbians “indefensible.”

In a statement issued Thursday, Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of the Family Equality Council, said, ““What St. Paul Elementary School has done is indefensible. If the parents of the child want their son’s admission reinstated, the school should welcome him back immediately. The school made a decision to accept a student, then turned around and rescinded the child’s acceptance just because his parents are lesbians.”

Now my initial reaction to this is along the lines of “the kid has to pay for the sins of the parents?”

I would think that if this poor child, this innocent soul was living in an environment you felt was one of sin that you would want to take this child in and do your best to put them on the “correct path”, rather than turning your back on them.

That would be, dare I say, the christian thing to do?

Then there is that silly little thing called discrimination.

“God and Jesus would not allow discrimination in that way,” said Joellen Raderstorf, one of about two dozen demonstrators who turned out at Sunday’s church service.

Most of the protesters stood silently, across the street, holding signs. One read “God loves all people.”

Some of them went inside during mass. The priest addressed the situation in his sermon.

“He feels like it’s a calling to be strict with upholding the catholic principles,” said one parishioner.

“People who understand the Catholic teaching will understand why the decision was made,” said Fabien Ardila, a member of the parish.

However, not everyone in the parish agreed with the decision.

“I just feel the Catholic church is a church that should be teaching acceptance and tolerance. I just don’t think this is an example of that,” Juli Aderman-Hagerty told reporters as she was leaving mass. “The sermon got it right. We’re all sinners. Why discriminate against this end of sinners?”

Indeed, why should one brand of sinners be discriminated against while others are offered forgiveness?

Hell, why should the SAME type of sinner not only exist within the Catholic Church and be forgiven, but also be protected from a just & due punishment?

Thousands upon thousands have been known to be victimized by homosexual pedophiles within the ranks of the Catholic Church’s clergy and the Vatican has gone to great lengths to protect those guilty.

The church chooses to cover up the crimes of men guilty of lewd, perverted acts that violently stripped many a child of their innocence in the most brutal of ways, yet people who are involved in a homosexual relationship born of love and respect for one another are vilified?

It goes without saying that church leaders declined to answer these questions.

However, the schools administrators did issue this statement:

“To preserve the mission of our schools, and to respect the faith of wider Catholic community, we expect all families who enroll students to live in accord with Catholic teaching. Parents living in open discord with Catholic teaching in areas of faith and morals unfortunately choose by their actions to disqualify their children from enrollment.”

Sorry buddy, you may selling that load of horseshit, but this guy ain’t buying it.

You have boatloads of parents “living in open discord with Catholic teachings”, you are just choosing to ignore some and punish others.

Raderstorf appears to agree, saying it seems there’s a double standard.

“I don’t think they interview to see what parents are divorced or what parents are using birth control or other things that are against the teaching of the Catholic Church,” she said.

Protesters said they’d like to see the decision reversed in this case. At the very least, they’re glad their voices are being heard.

The Globe reported Thursday that St. Paul Elementary School admitted an 8-year-old boy earlier this year but recently withdrew the acceptance after learning that his parents are lesbians.  The response was almost immediate.

The Archdiocese of Boston said that administrators of the small Catholic elementary school were not following archdiocesan policy when they rescinded admission of a prospective student after learning that his parents are lesbians.

Spokesman Terry Donilon said the archdiocese has no prohibition against same-sex couples sending their children to Catholic schools.

“We want kids to come to Catholic schools,’’ he said.

This, at the very least, lends hope to the situation.  Maybe, just maybe, reason will prevail.

One protester put it best:

“Perhaps the reaction is a wake up call that we’re at a point in history that we can’t do discrimination like this without negative repercussions.”

It suffices to say…Amen.


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