Racism rears it’s ugly head…again

Tuesday night’s Nebraska boys state soccer championship has sparked some national interest, but it wasn’t because of the game or Lincoln East’s undefeated season. It is now being called “the green card” incident.

A championship victory, an exciting overtime win, the triumphant end to a perfect season, all of it could be overshadowed by the Lincoln East fan reaction.

Some knucklehead, racist, backwoods ass rednecks thought the best way to celebrate their win was to toss fake “green cards” in the air as a taunt to their fallen opponents.

The student body of South High is approximately 60% latino.

Manuel Lira says, “That is something to be ashamed of.”

Manuel Lira’s last game was a disappointing one, but he says what happened after the game was even more so.

The perception of the South High student body is not unique to Lincoln East students.

Manuel Lira says, “It’s not like this is new to us because it has happened many other times in a lot of other situations it is not the first time.”

Joe Maass has been coaching soccer at South for more than a decade and says what happened last night is similar to past incidents, but the stage was different.

Maass felt the paper fall on him, even went through the medal ceremonies before he realized what he thought was confetti was actually a racial slam.

Joe Maass says, “It was just sort of a disgrace that a great event like the state soccer championship would have something like that occur.”

Susan Cassata agrees, as Principal of Lincoln East she wants to make sure something like the green card incident never happens again.

Cassata says the actions of a few have hurt East’s reputation.

Susan Cassata says, “Inexcusable something that I don’t even have words to articulate how devastating the interaction or behavior or the intent was.”

But the East administration does have the power to do something about the behavior.

Cassata said that school administrators have interviewed 25 to 30 students. Fewer than five had been suspended by Wednesday afternoon.

Now, hopefully this isn’t just lip service that is being tossed about to appease those of us that find this kind of behavior to be both disgusting and intolerable.

From what several people involved have said this isn’t an isolated incident, that there have been similar situations in the past.

We have seen this with the infamous “Jena 6” trial (one that involved an actual “white’s only” tree in a schoolyard and nooses), segregated proms in Georgia and some nitwit in a Jersey Wal-Mart living up to that states unfortunate stereotype of ignorance.

Three varying degrees of severity.  Three different parts of the country.  Stupidity clearly knows no bounds.

Clearly, some significant steps need to be taken to address this kind of crap that is occurring all too often.

America is the melting pot.  If you think that somehow that isn’t a good thing then you don’t get it and all hope is lost for you my friend.

If you want to live in a place that is genetically homogenous move to Iceland, otherwise learn to play well with others please.


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