Time To Get Back On The Meds Pat, You’ve Done Lost Your Mind

Is it any surprise that a  dangerously ignorant comment like this…

Reply # 171
Date: Jun 4, 2010 – 12:00 PM EST

People need to wake up to Zionism and its horrors to the world.

No it is not anti-Semitic to criticizes Israel.

The Holocaust is a lie! Yes, there were concentration camps and gas chambers. However, only 6 million Jews were killed out of well over 60 million.

This so-called “Holocaust” is justification for Israel to do anything they please as we ship them billions of taxpayer money every year!

…would follow an article like this?

That bloody debacle in the Eastern Mediterranean last Sunday was an inevitable result of Israel doing what it always seems to do: going beyond what is essential to her security, to impose collective punishment upon any and all it regards as hostile to Israel.

Israel claims, and film confirms, that its commandos rappelling down onto the Turkish ship were attacked with sticks and metal rods. One was tossed off a deck, another tossed overboard into a lifeboat.

But that 2 a.m. boarding of an unarmed ship with an unarmed crew, carrying no munitions or weapons, 65 miles at sea, was an act of piracy. What the Israeli commandos got is what any armed hijacker should expect who tries to steal a car from a driver who keeps a tire iron under the front seat.

On the trip to Israel where he was blindsided by news that Israel would build 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem, Joe Biden told Shimon Peres, “There is absolutely no space between the United States and Israel when it comes to Israel’s security.”

And that is the problem.

America is a superpower with interests in an Arab world of 300 million and an Islamic world of 1.5 billion — interests Israel treats with indifference if not contempt when it comes to doing what she regards as necessary for her security.

Yeah, because for the last sixty years, the Islamic world has really treated Israel with respect. Interesting how Buchanan, after just talking about the Israelis being attacked with weapons, goes on to say there were no weapons. I guess senility is setting in, especially considering they also had stun grenades.

Then again, Buchanan seems to think weapons really aren’t weapons unless they’re in Israeli hands, given his galling characterization of the missile attacks they’ve been enduring for the last few years:

While Israel had a right to go into Gaza to stop the firing of crude rockets on Sderot, did she have a right to smash utilities and public buildings and kill 1,400 people, most of them civilians?

Oh, so they were, like, toy rockets. Couldn’t hurt a fly. Just like Hitler really didn’t want war…that whole invasion of Europe and bombing of England was totally benign.

In case you’re wondering that was one of Pat’s recent articles where he defended Hitler, something he has a history of doing. “Hitler wanted to kill Jews? Ah, you’re overreacting. Hamas wants to kill Jews? Ah, you’re overreacting. They brought it on themselves, clearly.”

Now, some irrational people typically have a tendency to somehow take the side of every bloodthirsty Islamic bunch there is, and blame all troubles on ourselves and our allies. They say Israel is a terrorist nation, but the Palestinians are poor, oppressed people in concentration camps.

Iran? Syria? Hezbollah? Pfft…it’s the Zionists that are responsible for all the torment. Every move by Israel is some sort of invasion, but every invasion OF Israel is “pushback”. And 9/11? Well…not that they’re saying we deserved it, but…oh, wait, they do say that.

Buchanan ups the anti-semitic ante by specifically trying to excuse every force in the world that has had the goal of wiping the Jewish people from the face of the earth, shifting the blame either to the Jews themselves, or America.

I mean seriously Pat, do you really think we won’t call you out for the bigot you are when you can’t let one, just one, of those groups be criticized?  Not freakin’ one?

Hell, you even once tried to blame the death of Vince Foster on the Mossad. It would not surprise me one bit to find a copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on your bookshelf.

Considering Ron Paul’s recent lamentation about “who is really in control”, which practically echoed the tome, I wonder if you two nutjobs have got some sort of exclusive book club.


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