Politics 101: Take Care Of Thy Own

Ismael “Kino” Floresis (D-Texas) is still regarded as a state representative in good standing — although as a convicted felon “Mr. Ten Percent” (as Flores was known) can’t legally run for office and can’t vote.

Let me repeat that: He can’t legally run for office or vote — yet he’s still considered to be a lawmaker in good standing!

What exactly did this clown do?

Among other things, he ran a shake-down business. He was known as “Mr. Ten Percent” for helping people get state contracts — and then demanding 10-percent of their profits. His victims faced him during his trial.

As the Austin American-Statesman reported:
Jesus Sifuentes, a Palmview truck driver, testified that Flores demanded — and he paid — Flores 10 percent of the money he made on a trucking contract with Transit Mix concrete company. He said Flores got him the job.
He listed Flores on checks he wrote as a “consultant.”

Over three years, those payments to Flores amounted to about $20,000, the witness said.
When he objected to those payments, Flores demanded $60,000 — and he refused. He then lost the Transit Mix contract, his truck, his house and eventually his marriage, Sifuentes said.

That’s just one of many sleazy dealings that were described at Flores’ trial. Yesterday, Flores was sentenced for his crimes: five years of probation on four felony charges; and two years of probation on five misdemeanor charges. He’d faced a $10,000 fine — but was ordered to pay only $1,000. He also was ordered to do 400 hours of community service.

And as the story notes: “Prosecutors say they did not ask for Flores’ resignation from office as a part of the sentencing, as they have in other cases.”

The political class really knows how to take care of itself, don’t they? If this guy had been in the private sector and did what he did, he’d be out on his ear.

Simply astounding.


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