One man’s “Dream” is another man’s “Nightmare” it seems

Does this really look the face of a winner? Somehow the judges thought so

Martin Kampmann is still seething after his decision loss to Diego Sanchez at UFC Live on Versus 3, insisting “any five-year-old down the street can tell you who got beat up in the fight”.

The pair put on a contender for Fight of the Year in a recent welterweight encounter, with Kampmann winning the first round emphatically before Sanchez was somehow judged to have edged stanzas two and three.

Based on collateral damage Kampmann was a clear winner, with Sanchez’s face barely recognisable from before the opening bell. The Dane appeared to be the more technically gifted striker throughout, yet the decision went the way of Sanchez, who showed more aggression for the final 10 minutes.

“I still feel I won the fight,” Kampmann told Bloody Elbow. “I can maybe see the judges seeing his aggression as a factor. Sometimes people get a lot of credit for that and coming forward swinging wildly and even though they weren’t landing, sometimes the judges score that.

“I don’t disagree with the aggression part but it has to be effective aggression that is rewarded. Just running forward and throwing punches in the air is not going to hurt me. You can look at his face and then look at mine and any five-year-old down the street can tell you who got beat up in the fight.

To me the Dane looked “great” early on, lighting Sanchez up with a patient striking attack and superb takedown defense. The former lightweight battled back towards the end of round two, but despite a late flurry, seemed to be much worse for the wear.  Too little, too late. At that point I had Kampmann up 10-9 in both rounds (arguably 10-8 in the first he was so dominant).

In fact, by the end of the fight, he looked like an extra from the Albuquerque Chainsaw Massacre, sporting a purple grapefruit under both eyes and drooling large amounts of blood.

"Don't t-t-t-t-ake...this ass w-w-w-huppin' p-p-personal"

I won’t even lie, I think there is an epidemic of piss-poor judging going on in MMA right now, with far too much weight being given to “octagon control”.  Boring ass wrestlers take a guy down, administer minimal damage while not going for any submissions and are awarded rounds way too often.

Additionally, effective counter-punchers are being handed horrible decisions solely because their opponent was “moving forward” for much of the fight.  The judges seem to be more than ready to ignore the fact the aggressors took the bulk of the damage and hand them an undeserved win.

Netting one out of fifteen takedowns and whiffing on three-punch combos is worth more than countering someone’s face off all night!

Seriously, fuck “aggression”. If Diego won that fight, then the Confederates won the Battle of Gettysburg based on Pickett’s Charge alone.

Sadly, Kampmann has been victimized by this craptastic officiating in both of his last fights to be quite honest.  Anyone who watched Jake Shields stumble around the Octagon like a zombie after their bout late last year knows full well that he was never in trouble versus that over-rated chump and won the fight quite handily.

Kampmann, who appears to agree with me on my assessments, now wants an immediate rematch.  Upon learning of the request, Sanchez took to twitter with a litany of laughable excuses.

“You really want a direct rematch?” asked Sanchez.  “I trained no boxing! Zero! I just wrestled my ass off. I underestimated your takedown defense and had to resort to my street-fighting loco skills and almost dropped you; I seen your legs. I was not in my best shape.”

“Plus you just lost two in a row you need to get a ‘W’ then we can talk rematch. Your punches had snap to cut but no power.”

Excuse me?  What the fuck does that mean Diego?  You got beat like a rented mule, cut up worse than a victim in a Grade C slasher film and did nothing more than plow forward, flailing your arms along the way for the last two rounds.

I will give you props for your chin but that is it.  You. Got. Beat. Down.

Kampmann agreed to that sentiment when he replied to Sanchez, “Almost dropped me??? Nah, as far as I remember you where the only one that got dropped. Wise up.”

Sanchez, after Dana White undoubtedly pointed out his weak ass performance wasn’t exactly one to put him a position of leverage, then seemed open to a rematch, “If we fight again it will be an even better fight. If it happens it happens your always a fun fight.”

“Let’s make it happen then,” tweeted Kampmann.

UFC president Dana White was a huge fan of the first fight between these two, awarding them each $160,000 in “Fight of the Night” Bonus money, so I don’t think he will be the one holding up a possible rematch.

After the fight White told Yahoo! Sports:

“I don’t forget fights like that. That was an unbelievable fight. That was the kind of fight you saw back in the 1980s in boxing, a classic war. Diego Sanchez is one of the toughest [expletives] I’ve ever seen, man. It was a dogfight. They both gave every ounce of what they had. Kampmann got a loss on his record, but he didn’t lose that fight. There are no losers when you’re in a fight like that.”

He killed ya to death Diego!

That being said, I’ll believe Diego wants to give it another go when I see the ink beginning to dry on the contract.  The ball is now firmly in his court.

Kampann offered up a theory as to why the recently self-proclaimed “Dream” wouldn’t want to get back in the Octagon with him any time soon.

“If I was him I wouldn’t want the rematch either because imagine how his face would look after the second fight? I would love to beat him up one more time and hopefully not leave it up to the judges this time.”

Here’s to hoping he does just that in any prospective rematch.

If he gets robbed one more time he might have to scoop up Diego’s old nickname, because he would most assuredly be living out a real life nightmare.


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