Makin’ Money Is My Thang!

There are a whole lot of adjectives we could use here...

We’ve all heard the stories about dumbass criminals who leave a wallet or cell phone at the scene of the crime, or overlook a security camera that gets a clear shot of their face… but Jonathan Huntley stopped just short of calling the police himself.

Mr. Huntley essentially printed his own wanted poster by having a ridiculous T-shirt with his own picture on it made up, then leaving it at the scene of a home invasion in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The shirt, which sports the catchy saying “MAKING MONEY IS MY THANG” along with the very clear image of its owner, was then paraded in front of the media. The media pressure and unmistakable likeness was enough to cause Mr. Huntley to turn himself in

At least now he’s got another head shot to use on his next round of T-Shirts… maybe “KITCHEN DUTY IS MY THANG”. Hopefully, Mr. Huntley has learned his lesson and the next time he decides to do a little thuggery, he’ll make sure to wear the shirt that shows him wearing a ski mask.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Making money was his “thang”, now, it’s being arrested. Jonathan Huntley turned himself in to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, after a t-shirt he left, with his picture on it, at a home he robbed two days earlier, was posted all over the Internet. The victim was at his Dinglewood Avenue home at the time of the March 29th robbery hiding room to room, and found Huntley’s incriminating t-shirt after Huntley and another suspect, who is still at large, had left the scene.

I’d give vital parts of my anatomy to hear Chris Rock’s take on this one.


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