Video: Beer Thief Foiled By His Own Pants

Herp. Derp.

This dumbass is still at large, and that’s probably a good thing because it appears that he needs to work on his petty theft execution. It seems as though he had it all planned out… A non-descript vehicle with darkened windows and no plates, hat pulled down to obscure his face, and the element of surprise. However, he missed one, small detail… ill fitting trousers.

The surveillance video from the E-Z Food Store shows a white male attempting to liberate a couple of cases of beer. Additional, still surveillance pictures show him entering the store, then scurrying quickly towards his getaway vehicle.

Just when it looks as though he is home free, his pants drop down around his knees; sending both the thief and the loot flying.

Maybe next time he should make a quick stop at a Dollar Store and steal a belt first.

If the video fails to load on this page, you can see it here.


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