Those Military Baggage Fees: Bad Journalism and Bad PR, Not Bad Ethics

This piece comes from, and I have to say as a former soldier who not only traveled on the government nickel, but also had to handle thousands upon thousands of travel claims of others, it utters my sentiments to a tee:

The 24 hour news cycle and blogger feeding frenzy often produce snap ethical judgments that defy the facts, logic, and fairness.

Today’s example: the supposed “outrage” of Delta Air Lines making Army reservists returning from combat in Afghanistan pay excess-bag fees.

A Colorado soldier posted a YouTube video complaining that their unit had to pay $2,800 for extra checked bags,and you would have thought the airlines made the soldiers fly while strapped to the wing. “You’re not going to believe this!” said “Fox and Friends” goof Steve Doocy, introdoocying the story as if it was an act of domestic terrorism.

There were similar expressions of horror on CNN’s Headline News and on the local news in Wilmington, Delaware, where I was staying yesterday while doing a musical ethics program for the Wilmington Bar. And yet…

Delta did nothing wrong or inappropriate.

The staff followed policy. What were they supposed to do, spontaneously waive thousands of dollars in luggage fees out of respect for our soldiers…and have to make it up out of their own pay?

The military already gets a substantial break on checked baggage; the soldiers were complaining about having to pay for bags that exceeded Delta’s limit for waiving the fees on soldiers’ bags.

But if the flights are related to the soldiers’ duties, why are the domestic airlines responsible for paying their expenses? (By the way, what the soldiers don’t pay for gets passed in costs to the non-military passengers.) Simple answer: the domestic airlines are not responsible, and should not be.

When I travel on business dictated by a client or employer, the client or employer pays my costs…just like the U.S. Government pays the travel expenses of soldiers flying to and from deployments. That’s right: soldiers get reimbursements from the military for additional costs if their orders require the expense and they submit receipts.

Why, then, was it Delta’s responsibility to pick up the tab for these soldiers’ extra bags, and proof of evil corporate America’s unpatriotic greed that they asked the soldiers for the already-discounted fees for excess luggage instead?

I repeat: It wasn’t.

A couple of soldiers didn’t know their own expense reimbursement procedures, used YouTube to make a misrepresentation go viral, and the media indulges its reflex reaction to fault businesses and fall worshiping at the boots of our young warriors. Nobody bothered to think, much less check facts, before condemning the Delta.

Terrified, as ever, of any negative publicity, deserved or not, Delta abjectly apologized (for doing nothing wrong), and was followed by other carriers in eliminating bag fees to avoid getting the stink-eye from Bill O’Reilly. Delta said it would allow four bags for free.

United said it had increased the number of free military checked bags from three to four. American said it will allow five free bags instead of three for military personnel. This is nice enough, of course, but it is pure public relations nonsense.

These airlines will charge seniors traveling by necessity to an assisted living complex for every bag they check, and the military isn’t going to pay their expenses once they gut the receipts.

Do the airlines let military veterans check their bags for free?  Priests and nuns, who have taken vows of poverty? Handicapped travelers, who are unable to carry on heavy bags? The disabled only get two free bags, at best, before they are charged 50 bucks per additional piece. How about pregnant women? The unemployed, relocating to a new city to look for jobs…any breaks for ?

Ethically, there are much more compelling arguments for giving breaks to any of these flyers than active duty soldiers, who are going to be reimbursed by the military anyway, and should be.

I am not sure even that would be appropriate, however. I don’t think that the airlines should be in the business of charging different fees to travelers in different circumstances; it requires value judgments that I do not trust the airlines to make fairly or rationally.

Next we’ll be seeing waived bag fees for registered Republicans, attractive blondes and vegans, or whoever screams the loudest or has the most vocal lobby. The proper, ethical and fair way to do business is to have the same rules for everyone.

Except Steve Doocy and the rest of the media. Charge them double.

Let’s be clear on this, the “extra” fees airlines levy are a sham. They really are.

But hey, this Amurikka people. It is capitalism at its finest and we just let businesses do whatever the hell they want to do, no matter how much it gouges the American public.

See the oil industry, the banking industry, the Amurikkan higher educational system, the, er, well you get the point.

The point is, the airlines really aren’t the ones we need to be upset with.

The appropriate entity for paying to transport military personnel on orders (along with their gear) rests squarely on the U.S. Government.  The government does this by providing each military member with a government credit card to be used specifically for such purposes.

When the service member files his travel claim, the government then pays the bill directly from the finance office, so the service member never actually has to pay for this expense.

If service members do NOT have said government credit card they also have to understand the fact that with each and every travel movement they are given an opportunity to file for a Travel Advance, specifically intended to cover fees & expenses such as these.

Nope, this was just another case of some service members not doing what they had been briefed on.

EVERY service member who travels on the government dime has received some sort of speech/training/lecture/briefing on how to handle this stuff at some point along the way…no matter how much smoke they want to blow up your ass saying different.

They didn’t pay attention or were just clue-free, found themselves in this position, got bent out of shape and posted a video.

Then all you suckers took the bait hook, line & sinker and the thing went viral.

To direct anger toward commercial carriers (let alone the employees who are, gasp, following company policy lest they be fired or reprimanded) for charging fees to ship those goods is as inappropriate as expecting the same airline  to transport the military personnel themselves without charge.

Yet here we are, amongst all the “hubbub” surrounding all of this.

We love to apply double standards to things on a whim. It’s kind of the Amurikkan way.

We passed the Patriot Act, with its roving wiretaps, “sneak * peek” warrant-less searches, and “guilt by association” provisions without so much as a peep of dissent from the vast majority of Amurikkans.

In fact, if you did say something about it you were branded as a liberal pussy, a whiner and unpatriotic.

“It’s all for the greater good and national security” you all said.

Then you cried about the inconvenience of having to wait in line for an extra hour at the airport for the exact same reasons.

Yeah, here in Amurikka we do hypocrisy real good.


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