Dwight Howard tweets about “King James” receding hairline

Everyone is having a little fun at LEBRON JAMES’s expense these days…even DWIGHT HOWARD.

When cautioned by one of his Twitter followers about making sure his barber doesn’t give him a shape-up like LeBron’s, Orlando’s Superman tweeted the following response:

“Lol he took his talents to south beach and left his hairline in Cleveland lol”.

Let’s keep things in proportion, folks. Dwight and LeBron are good friends (recall that McDonald’s “I’ll Play You For My Lunch” commercial w/Larry Bird?)…the always playful Howard is just having a little jokey-joke about his buddy online…no need to read more into it than that.

But you gotta admit LeBron has become a media-wide laughing-stock over the past month or so…and everyone feels inclined to pile on with the slights, even me.

That King James hairline is receding quickly with every empty year that passes without a championship for Bron-Bron.

Don’t feel too bad for Baby Bron Bron, he wasn’t the only one whom Howard had fun with.

Howard used the “planking” meme to take a jab at former teammate Vince Carter, posting the above picture on his twitter with the caption “Vince carte [sic] planking lol.”

If you’re not familiar with “planking,” it refers to lying face-down on something and having somebody take a picture of you while doing it.

It has become a popular meme lately, even among NBA players such as Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard.

Carter has a reputation for being injury-prone, although he has appeared in at least 70 games in every season since the 04-05 campaign.

The Magic traded for Carter to essentially replace Hedo Turkoglu after they made the NBA Finals in 2009, but traded him to the Phoenix Suns and re-acquired Turkoglu last season.

Carter averaged 15.1 points per game with the Magic and 13.5 points per game with the Suns last season, which were both career-lows.


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