Two NBA Players Involved in Physical Altercations, Including Shoving a Fan in the Face

Many thought NFL players would get into trouble during their lockout, but maybe it’s the NBA players who are getting up to no good while not pulling their regular paychecks.

NBA ballers Michael Beasley and Matt Barnes both recently got into physical altercations.

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley was playing a game at Dyckman Park in New York but was being heckled by fan, Garland Quince.

Quince can be seen jack-jawing the NBA player for a while and I guess Beasley had enough:

“He just mushed me. He mushed me in my face,” Quince said. “I was arguing about a Kevin Durant call and he just mushed me in my face.”

This is odd behavior for Beasley because he is a known marijuana lover and you would think he would be much more chill. Beasley ended up scoring 21 for Team 914 in a win over Kevin Durant’s Team Nike.

Maybe Beasley is still angry over being embarrassed by New Mexico State guard Jahmar Young, who crossed him up a day before and sent him to the floor.

Beasley, by the way, was arrested last month after he was pulled over for speeding and cops found marijuana in his vehicle.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes punched a player at the SF Pro-Am. Barnes was not kicked out of the game, he only received a technical foul.


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