Another day, another anti-gay rights GOP lawmaker is “outed” in sex crime.

State Rep. Phillip Hinkle, shown speaking on a motion during the recent session, said he is "aware of a shakedown taking place." / Charlie Nye / 2011

Indiana Rep. Phillip Hinkle is the latest GOP member to get embroiled in a gay sex scandal, and this one’s a doozie.

Hinkle allegedly responded to an ad on Craigslist that was titled, “I need a sugga daddy.” The emails sent from his personal email address indicated he was willing to pay $80 upfront with a large tip of about $50 or $60.

According to the Indiana Star, Hinkle said the following:

“I am an in shape married professional, 5’8″, fit 170 lbs, and love getting and staying naked.”

The 18-year-old man, Kameryn Gibson, who posted the ad said they exchanged phone numbers and arranged a late-night rendezvous. After arriving at the prearranged hotel, Hinkle told Gibson that he was a lawmaker, so he tried to leave, Gibson said.

After threats and bribes, including in his personal cell phone, Gibson called his sister to pick him up and the pair left with Hinkle’s cell phone and iPad, Gibson said.

When Hinkle’s wife called the cell, Gibson’s sister told her that her husband is gay. She offered $10,000 not to contact the press, Gibson said. When Hinkle called the cell again, Gibson’s sister told him she had outed him to his wife, and according to the Indiana Star, his response was simply, “You’ve ruined me.”

Hinkle’s camp issued a statement saying an investigation was pending and that there is a possibility of a shakedown and an attempt to trap him. However, Gibson denies any entrapment or shakedown.

Hinkle has spoken out against gay rights and voted for an amendment banning gay marriage.

To read the full exchange of the emails, as well as a fully detailed account of the incident, go here.




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