Dude, Where’s My Middle Class?

Despite what “Faux News” would like you to believe, a recent study by Michael Norton and Dan Ariely on how Americans think about income inequality concluded “given a choice, Americans would prefer to live in a society more equal than even highly egalitarian Sweden.”

Never ones to pay mind to the people’s desire to enjoy a decent standard of living, the Republican remedy for the bad economy they created is to push for more of the same exact policies that turned America from acreditor to a debtor nation, with the widest income disparity and the LEAST upwardly mobile of all industrialized nations… namely MORE trickle down, tax-cut terrorism.

By disingenuously labeling any attempt to put a Band-Aid on the severed artery of the once-vibrant middle class as “job-killing” , the 24-7 GOP media protection rackets convince their rank-in-file to cheer their own demise.

Sadly, here in Reality World, the only “killing” is literally visited on the workers as the result of the Republican penchant to deregulate and throw to the whims of the greed-centered market anything that poisons our air, Earth, food, water supply, causes our sick and old to freeze and starve while the current generation of workers are forced into the same unsafe working conditions their ancestors fought and died to prevent.

Just a 100 years after the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Republicans are on an unholy mission to roll back all government regulation – including child labor laws –  meant to end the abuses of the Gilded Age  – another time of appalling income disparity, government deregulation and corporate greed that not-so-coincidentally looks familiarly like the America in which we currently reside.

So here we are living in a time when children have no memory of what it once meant to be “middle class.”

Source:  Taradacktyl @ Republican Dirty Tricks


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