Doug Lamborn, ‘Tar Baby’ Representative, Implements No-Protesting Rule

Doug Lamborn, the U.S. Representative from Colorado Springs who likened the debt-ceiling debacle and President Obama earlier this month to “dealing with a tar baby,” is on a public relations roll.

Likely in response to the many protests his comment triggered, Lamborn’s office now sports a sidewalk-facing sign that reads: “Private Property — No Soliciting, No Protesting, No Loitering.” (emph. added) (see photo below)

The Colorado Springs blog Not My Tribe presents images of the sign installed on August 11, as well as ascreen shot of a pro-Lamborn rally held the next day, timestamped August 12. As ColoradoPols notes, evidently the no-protesting rule does not apply to pro-Lamborn demonstrations.

Reached for comment by the HuffPost, Colorado progressive radio host David Sirota couldn’t confirm if the pro-Lamborn rally was held in the presence of the “no protesting” sign, but did note that

A U.S. Congressman should NOT be declaring his public taxpayer-funded congressional office “private property” and shouldn’t be putting a sign out telling his constituents they have no right to peaceably assemble and protest. That’s just fundamentally un-American.

Sirota initially focused the media spotlight on Lamborn’s “tar baby” comment on August 1st. Lamborn later apologized to President Obama for “using a term some find insensitive.”

Source:  Ryan Grenoble @ The Huffington Post




2 thoughts on “Doug Lamborn, ‘Tar Baby’ Representative, Implements No-Protesting Rule

  1. Doug Lamborn is one of the greatest things to happen to Colorado. Can’t any of you progressives engage in a conversation without crying racist? I was at the pro-Lamborn rally and one of Congressman Lamborn’s staff came out and asked us to rally beyond the sign. He made it a point to say this applied to all equally. Why isn’t a picture posted of those at the rally gathering in this now “off limits” area? Reason is there isn’t a picture. We do not have to make a nuisance of ourselves or FORCE ourselves on any situation. We gather together with integrity, cause, and pride. FYI, members of the Rocky Mountain Black Tea Party were present to support Congressman Lamborn. All you Lamborn protestors out there need to get a clue, then get a life.

    • While I appreciate your feedback you are the one who needs to get a life AND a clue. No matter how many times one says racist things then follows it up with “I’m really not racist..see, I have a couple of black friends” it doesn’t take away from what was said.

      Tar Baby is, and will always be, first and foremost a racist term.

      Now on the issue in THIS post. It’s taxpayer funded so it ain’t fucking private.

      Does that “clue” sink in?

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