Sarah Palin Won’t Allow The Iowa Tea Party To See Other Women


This is the story of the on-again off-again invite to Christine I-am-not-copying-you-Sarah-O’Donnell to warm up for Sarah Palin at a Tea Party of America rally in Iowa this Saturday.

Right now, the Tea Party world waits with bated breath to see if Sarah Palin will grace them with her presence after they spent 100,000 dollars to get her to their rally this September 3.

But they should have known better than to invite Christine O’Donnell to warm up for the Queen of the Tea Party.

MSNBC just reported in First Read:

Tea Party of America President Ken Crow told NBC News, “I had to cancel Ms. O’Donnell” after a conversation with Sarah Palin aides — and is now hopeful Palin will attend the Saturday rally in Indianola.

He was told by Palin’s team that he’d have a final answer shortly.

This comes after failed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell was in, then out, then back in, and now indefinitely out. And Palin was in, then “on hold.”

The group has spent about $100,000 on the event for Palin and are thus waiting “with baited breath” for an answer. An official press release will come out after Palin people give Crow final word.

NBC News has not received comment from Palin’s team so far.

See, first Sarah Palin was supposed to speak at the Tea Party of America rally in Iowa on Sept 3. Then they invited Christine O’Donnell. Here’s where the Palin Playbook comes in handy. While the Palin people were officially telling the Tea Party folks that they could invite anyone they wanted to the rally, suddenly the Tea Party organizers were flooded with complaints about Christine O’Donnell as the warm up act for Palin. So then they had to disinvite O’Donnell, sort of like how Dancing with the Stars got gamed when Bristol Palin was on.

This is the modus operandi of the Palinistas, who know how to read their Queen’s dictates almost as well as her daughter Bristol does. In late June, Bristol was launched into the media fray to accuse Bachmann of stealing Palin’s look, while Palin coyly told the media that she and Bachmann were “friends”.

The Des Moines Register reported:

Maybe 20 emails criticizing O’Donnell bombed the in-boxes of Crow and Charlie Gruschow, the other co-founder of the Tea Party of America and a West Des Moines resident. The emails came from people in Illinois and Texas and elsewhere who said they’re coming to the rally – and they didn’t want O’Donnell there.

“Charlie and I looked at each other and went, ‘Oh, crap,’” Crow told the Register.


There was some speculation that Palin was pulling a diva act and didn’t want to share the stage with another well-known conservative woman, but Crow said the responsibility for the whiplash-like dust-up lands solely on himself and Gruschow.

Of course they were taking the heat then. That’s what good organizers do for their star speakers.

But then they chose to reinvite poor Christine, after she tweeted, “Was honored to be asked to speak at Iowa event Saturday, changed my flight to make it work… We were told things changed on their end, and I truly wish them the best with this important event.”

And now Palin has announced that she might not show up at all. So Christine is out again. They had to uninvite the reinvite. The Tea Party organizer has now admitted, “I had to cancel Ms. O’Donnell” after a conversation with Sarah Palin aides –”

I’ll bet he did. This is, after all, the same woman who spent her short two and a half years in the Governor’s office getting her administration to take vengeance on people she felt had wronged her and writing fake letters to the editor in support of her. Yes, this is high school Mean Girl 101.

There can only be one star in the room when Sarah Palin is around. And that star is Sarah Palin.

This is a lesson the Tea Party is learning the hard way. Perhaps they are also pondering the meaning of “fiscal conservative” as they dig their nails into their hands watching the 100,000 dollars they spent to get Sarah Palin to show up teeter on the precarious cliff of her ego. Or wondering about all of the work they put into wooing her to show up. Perhaps they should have checked her contract for diva status.

When Sarah Palin talks about being an advocate for “strong conservative women” she means she’s an advocate for herself. Not those other strong conservative women, like Christine O’Donnell. Poor Christine. All Christine ever wanted was to grift some living expenses and get a TV show to go along with her book. And the GOP wonders why most American women don’t buy the “conservative feminist” narrative. Go figure.

If you’re questioning why Sarah Palin hasn’t decided yet if she will show up now that poor Christine O’Donnell has been duly humiliated twice, had to reschedule her flights to accommodate Palin’s ego and is now sitting in the corner crying over “Troublemaker: I Coulda Been A Rogue”, wonder no more.

Sarah Palin does not forgive; she nurses grudges and coddles her ever-present persecution complex like the tender baby it is. Sarah Palin even made a fake Facebook account to “like” herself — that’s the sort of fragile ego the Tea Party messed with when they invited her doppleganger to open for her.

They should have known they weren’t allowed to play with other women. Doesn’t this just sorta make you want to vote for Palin for President? Isn’t thin-skinned spitefulness a quality we all want in a leader? Gosh, think of the international debacles and red button mishaps!

Sarah Pain will make the Tea Party organizers pay for this. They will twist in the wind, sucking up the stale air of a Palin burp in desperate hopes that she will like them again. She asked for three changes to be made, but we’re not allowed to know the third one. Hmmm….Whatever could it be?

The Tea Party has complied and now they’re just waiting to see if she shows.The Tea Party organizer, referring to O’Donnell, said, “We’re all friends and she’s not coming.” There’s that word “friend” again. I’m not sure it means the same thing in Palin land as it does elsewhere.

Will she or won’t she? Aw, heck, Tea Party – what’s another 100,000 dollars? You got off easy. Just ask the RNC,Karen Handel or Alaska.

As for Sarah Palin punishing Christine O’Donnell for copying her, Sarah Palin needs to realize that she is nothing new. Bouffant-haired conservative women getting rich by selling Big Daddy’s patriarchy to the masses via Jesus is an old racket.

Almost as old as prostitution.


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