New York Republican threatens to cut off nose to spite own face withhold hurricane relief from her own district

By David Edwards

Freshman House Republican Nan Hayworth’s New York district was one of the hardest hit by Hurricane Irene, but the congresswoman seems to be working against her own interests by holding disaster relief hostage in a effort to slash federal spending, according to a recent report.

“We’re facing a natural disaster in the middle of an economic disaster,” The Middletown Times Herald-Record quoted Hayworthas saying Wednesday. “Certainly, the challenges we face with the national budget have not changed.”

The lawmaker pledged to only vote for additional disaster relief funds if they were offset by cuts to “non-defense discretionary spending.”

“Hayworth likened her position to a family skipping vacation if it was overwhelmed by bills,” the Times Herald-Record‘s Adam Bosch noted.

As of Thursday, the lawmaker had not responded to a letter from Cortland Town Board member Richard Becker asking if she agreed with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) stance that aid for disaster-stricken areas be offset with spending cuts.

“The people in your congressional district depend on their member of Congress to deliver any and all federal aid necessary to help rebuild and recover from devastating storm storms like this one,” Becker wrote. “It’s my sincere hope you do not agree with Majority Leader Cantor and will work to deliver federal disaster relief funds to the Hudson Valley, without concern for offsetting these desperately needed funds with additional cuts to the federal budget.”

The day before Hurricane Irene devastated her district, Hayworth released a YouTube video promising her constituents federal assistance if needed.

“We’ll be there to serve if there is anything that’s needed from the federal level,” she said.

Source: The Raw Story


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