Deadbeat Dad Rep. Joe Walsh Wants Wife To Pay Legal Fees.

The House GOP’s resident deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh (IL) owes his ex-wife and three children over $117,000 in child support.

While some how managing to continue slamming President Obama and GOP leaders for placing “debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids,” Walsh decided to loan his own campaign $35,000 (and even pay himself back at least $14,200 in loans) before paying child support. His defense? He “had no money.”

Six days after this story broke, Walsh filed a motion demanding that his ex-wife Laura pay his attorney’s fees. In a “possible effort to slow down the case,” Walsh’s lawyers demanded that Laura Walsh provide “extensive documentation, including records of her employment, salary, bank statements, tax returns and expense reports.”

Laura Walsh’s attorney called the request “harassment” and noted that Laura had “no corresponding obligation to pay Joe Walsh any support, and so the extensive requests for documents were inappropriate.”

Nonetheless, the hypocritical Tea Party freshman continued to make his incessant media rounds yesterday without one single question on his negligence of his children.

Source: ThinkProgress


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