Bristol Palin freaks out in a gay bar.


TMZ is reporting that a video clip was just published, showing a sensational heckling incident in a bar where that dumbass Bristol Palin was filming her new reality show.

A man stepped up and started shouting at Palin: “Your mother is a whore! She is evil!”, to which Bristol replied, “Is it because you’re a homosexual and that’s why you hate her?”

The man responded, “Pretty much … and how can you tell I’m homosexual?”. Bristol shot back: “Because I can tell you are”.

Bristol then, being the rocket scientist she is, confronts the man again later as he sits at the bar with friends, prompting him to call her a “fucking dumb bitch” and “a piece of fucking white trash from Wasilla”.

Showing her wisdom and maturity, she then freaks out and hauls ass out of the bar, presumably cusping her hands over her ears and yelling “Na-na-na-na-na-, I can’t hear you!” repeatedly.

The funny thing is, if lil’ miss dumbass has such a problem with gay people then why did she choose to film a scene for her craptastic reality show at the “Sagebrush Cantina“, which is a known gay bar?

Surprised to meet those God-awful homosexuals there are we? Way to show off that stunning Palin intellect I guess.

Isn’t that just typical of that family of grifters? “Who cares if we disparage you at every turn, hurl nothing but hate your way … we’re gonna make a buck off one of your institutions”.

The heckler was indeed very vicious. But that doesn’t the change the fact that she had no business going into a place  where they can feel comfortable if she & her family continue to squeeze every nickel they can preaching the kind of hate towards gays that they do.



Source: PoliticalGates



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