Analysis: 98.4% of voters on Rick Scott’s first purge list are eligible voters. Over 98 freakin’ percent!!!

Prepare to be thoroughly disgusted by the revelations in this piece by Joan McCarter @ Daily Kos:

The statistics that we’ve seen from the first round of Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s Florida voter purge are pretty disturbing.

The Miami Herald uncovered the factthat 58 percent of the people on the initial list sent out to supervisors to be scrubbed off the voting rolls were Hispanic, even though they represent just 13 percent of the voting population. According to the paper’s analysis, in addition to Hispanics, Democratic and independent voters were more likely to be on the list.

That’s bad, but further analysis from ElectionSmith, Inc. makes it even worse. They’ve found that 98.4 percent of the 2,625 people included on that first list as “potential noncitizens” are eligible voters. That’s quite an error rate.

Only 41 registered voters residing in 13 counties–this is out of the 2,625 names flagged by the Florida SOS as “potential noncitizens”–were removed from the rolls.In other words, 98.4% of the 2,625 people identified by the Florida SOS as “potential noncitizens” remain on the rolls because the Supervisors of Elections found insufficient evidence that they were ineligible to be registered voters.

That’s a really crappy list. It’s hard to imagine how many on Scott’s secret list of suspected non-citizens are eligible voters. But if it’s consistent with the failure rate on the smaller sample, it’d be about 177,000. That’s a lot of voters not committing voter fraud.

Should we expect anything less from a guy whose former company committed one of the largest cases of Medicare fraud known to man?

Impeach this clown. Right now.


2 thoughts on “Analysis: 98.4% of voters on Rick Scott’s first purge list are eligible voters. Over 98 freakin’ percent!!!

  1. 1. There were less than 3,000 people flagged as being potentially unable to vote.
    2. While flagged, those names were checked for accuracy and only 41 names were actually removed from the voter rolls.
    3. To emphasize the previous point, not a single person actually eligible to vote was thrown off of the rolls!

    Given that, what’s your point? To suggest that they were trying to steal an election with less than 3,000 votes is absurd.

    • “trying to steal an election with less than 3,000 votes is absurd” lol.

      You mean other than the 2000 election where less than 350 decided Florida? Oh wait, I sense a coincidence here…

      Seriously, are you ten? Only excuse for not seeing how mind numbingly retarded (and ignorant of recent election history) that position was.

      Plus, the list the Governor’s office sent out wasn’t one of “potential voters” to take off, it was one directing that they be removed from the rolls.

      More than 41 were removed, seeing how 40 were removed on May 4th of this year alone (the Miami Herald had a day by day breakdown).

      Lastly, spoken like a dipshit I say.

      Of course it doesn’t matter to you, a Constitution waving TeaTard I bet. I mean, what’s the big deal if just a handful of people become disenfranchised voters for absolutely no reason?

      Never mind the fact that once identified on the list you have to request a special hearing, the first step of which is to send a copy of your ID/Passport etc… But hey, once again, who cares if a select few have to jump through a ton of extra hoops to ensure they aren’t robbed for their right to vote.

      For a group that acts like they are sole defenders/lovers/protectors of the Constitution you guys sure as shit cherry pick the stuff you find important.

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