Standard Right Wing Myth: Everyone On Food Stamps Is Black

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The right wing has this little problem where they’ve embraced overt racism. They don’t like to talk about it outside of their little tea parties and they get very angry when you call them on it. They’ve tried projecting their racism onto liberals by pretending that we hate minorities so much that we intentionally keep them on public assistance.

Every time I hear that one I laugh because it’s obvious that even the person spewing it doesn’t actually believe it, they just think that it will shut us up.

Good luck with that!

The truth is that the right has made a point of associating public assistance with minorities, specifically blacks. The reason is very simple: play on the idea that lazy black people are taking patriotic white folks’ money in order to demonize public assistance for all. Why do they hate public assistance so much?

The same reason they hate Social Security, Medicare and every other government program designed to shelter people from the greed of the 1%: they work.

People that realize that pooling our resources for the betterment of all is vomitous to the Ayn Rand “Me! Me! Me!” philosophy of the right. So the right plays on the racial resentment of their deeply bigoted base by using terms like “welfare queen” and “food stamp president”while implying that black people are the only ones on food stamps.

Oh? That’s not true?

Here’s Rick Santorum discussing black people getting “other” (White) people’s money in Iowa:

Those goddamn lazy blacks! Who do they think they are taking those (white) Iowans’ money? Why don’t they just get a job?!

This is indisputably what he is saying. Well, that’s not true. Conservatives will dispute that but they’re full of shit. Worse, they know they’re full of shit. As far as Rick Santorum and that room filled with starry-eyed white people is concerned, black people are taking their money.

The problem? In Iowa, only 9% of food stamp recipients are black. 84% are white. Therefor, black people are obviously the only ones stealing white folks’ hard-earned, patriotic, God-fearing money.

The difference is that white people have “earned” their assistance while blacks are “stealing.” Remember during the post-Katrina flooding when white people were “foraging” and black people where “looting?” Same thing.

So when people (conservatives) “blame” a black president for a doubling of food stamp usage due to a massive recession that started before he was even elected, that’s just more of the same conflation of “black” and “food stamp.”

You doubt?

Then why has no one ever referred to George W. Bush as a “food stamp president?” He was still in office when the spike in food stamp usage occurred. How about Reagan? He presided over 11% unemployment and an attendant spike in food stamps. What could possibly be different?

Oh, right! They were white!

My favorite quote (in reference to Obama) from a right winger ever:

Just because I said nigger that automatically makes me a racist?

Yes, right wing, when you promote a false narrative that all public assistance recipients are black for the express purpose of making people hate the very idea of public assistance while knowing full well that 39% of all recipients are white (37% black and 17% Hispanic) then you are engaged in racism.



You could make a case about blacks being disproportionately on public assistance but that requires nuance and won’t fit on the bumper sticker that is your base’s attention span.

We’ll stop calling you racist when you stop actually being such over the top, blatantly cartoonish racists.

I shan’t be holding my breath.

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