Deadbeat dad Joe Walsh says double amputee Iraq War vet Tammy Duckworth isn’t a “true hero”

Source: Michael J.W. Stickings @ “The Reaction”
A few weeks ago, Richard wrote that Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh could be President Obama’s secret weapon, suggesting that the president’s team “follow [him] around with a camera and record whatever he says.
Just wait until Walsh says something offensive and stupid, which won’t take long, and hit the record button. They should then run the clips in a continuous loop in those communities Walsh has offended.”
Well, how about offending the military, the day before July Fourth, and, well, pretty much offending everyone?
Though he never joined the military himself, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) disparaged his Democratic opponent’s military service at a town hall on Sunday, saying that she’s not a “true hero.”

Walsh is running against Tammy Duckworth, a double amputee who lost both her legs in Iraq when insurgents hit her helicopter with an RPG in 2004.

The Tea Party freshman opened the Elk Grove town hall by arguing that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was reluctant to discuss his own military service in 2008, which made him a “noble hero.” By contrast, “Now I’m running against a woman who, my God, that’s all she talks about,” Walsh said.

Let’s put that more starkly:

Joe Walsh is a Tea Party Republican who, when acting didn’t work out, embarked on a career in extremist right-wing politics. His ex-wife sued him for child support and he has come under scrutiny for various ethics violations.
Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran, was an Army helicopter pilot who lost both her legs in combat. She has been the Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the director of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs. She is married to a fellow Iraq War vet and serves as a lieutenant colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard.
Yes, that’s right, the armchair conservative extremist is saying the double amputee Iraq War vet isn’t a “true hero.” As if he has any fucking clue what heroism is, true or not

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